Rare Tolkien Interview Found

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Rare Tolkien Interview Found

Earlier this morning, the Tolkien Professor posted a great video on his site, one that we all should watch!

From the Tolkien Professor Website:

The BBC archives have just released something truly remarkable for any fans of Tolkien: a rare video interview from 1968! In the clip from In Their Own Words, J.R.R. Tolkien talks about everything from nature to his love of beer – and, of course, his books. A treat to start off your Monday, we hope!

Thanks to the Tolkien Professor for posting this! It truly is a great start to a Monday morning, and a great way to begin a long work week!


  1. Avatar of Oloriel

    Oh hooray! I’m excited to watch.

  2. I’ve seen bits and pieces of this video on youtube before, but never the whole thing. So thank you so much for this, great stuff!

  3. Brilliant, thanks for the share.